30 over 30…Blogging Challenge


Finally the days of this challenge have come to an end.
whew! It has not been easy but i enjoyed every bit of this journey.
Let’s get to business😅

Day 30; My hopes for this blog
I have bigger hopes than my size for this blog.
I want papberry to be a household name among the youth across the globe.
It is my daily prayer that the aim for this blog from the onset which is to reach out to the youth by packing the Gospel in an attractive way be realized.

I do pray that i am able to maintain the consistency as well and grow in number of followers who actually follow this blog (i know you know what i mean).

Greater things will come out of this blog! This i foresee.

God bless everyone of you who urged me on even when i am too exhausted to post i end up posting because i know i have people waiting on my post.
I love you all dearly❤️.
Continue supporting papberry!
Cheers to greater things🍹


Day 29 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge

Day 29! My Confession

You know when i was a little girl i actually wished i was a boy🙊,
i was always around guys and playing with guys. Maybe it’s because of the neighborhood i grew up in .
I could save up my money and go lease a bicycle because i didn’t own one just to ride around. Even when people were screaming at me to stop doing that. I really could care less about their feelings😅.

Seriously i asked so many questions as to why i didn’t come a boy, i wanted to be able to bath outside like the guys do and because of those little things on my chest i wasn’t allowed to.
I would build cars and all sort of stuff with empty milk tins just like what the guys did and whenever i’m in class i wish classes was over already so i could go flex a little with what i made.

But as i grew up all those things was taken out of me because i realized i don’t have to carry male genes to be able to do what i love even though sometimes society frowns on certain acts when it’s being done by a female.

God help me to accomplish the purpose for which i was brought into this world…I know it is very huge and i need Your grace even more🙏

So that’s it! My confession.
A day more to go…
God bless you all my lovely berries for the support!
The love is still deep❤️😘😘.


Day 26 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge


Gradually we are getting to the finish line😅…

Day 26; My Hidden Talent
I think i’m an artist inside😊,
i should really develop my drawing and scribbling skills because it’s dying i think!
I loved it when i was little but now it looks like it has gone into hibernation i need a wake up call please help😫😫!

That’s all for today, let’s keep coming for more.
Don’t forget i love you but God loves you most!😍😍


Day 22 of 30 Days Blogging Challenge


Day 22; My worst Habits

1. I do not eat well and i eat at any time, even at dawn🙊. I mostly eat late maybe it’s because of the second habit…

2. I sleep very late! Nocturnal things😅.i guess that explains my eating at dawn…

3.i have been thinking so much but i haven’t found any bad habit aside the ones mentioned early on so i guess that’s it!or maybe because i’m so exhausted i just can’t think far😅😅.

That’s all for today, so let’s meet tomorrow for more.
I love you but God loves you more🙏😘😘.

Day 13 of 30days Blogging Challenge


Day 13 of the Blogging challenge says; what is inside your fridge😅.

It is pretty simple to answer this question because the fridge in the house belongs to the whole family and saying this, i think you have an idea of the things to find inside the fridge.

From water to drinks, from fresh fish to cooked and fried fish.
To cut things short, everything under the sun can be found in the fridge😅. I am not exaggerating please.lol

So that is all for today too!
Make a date with me tomorrow Godwilling as we delve into another section…
Love you all my wonderful berries😘😘