Why Doubt Him?


Imagine yourself having a very good friend who has practically become more like a brother. This very friend knows you very well because you do almost everything together, knows your secrets, abilities, strength and weaknesses.

One day you try to have a conversation with this friend about something you have been doing excellently well over the years and he goes like, “are you sure you can do this thing this time around?”
How would you feel? hurt and disappointed!

This same statement would not affect you if it came from a stranger but because he is someone who knows all your weaknesses and strengths, you expect him to do better! By just believing in you without doubts.
So this brings a challenge because you would want to prove to your friend that he is absolutely wrong.

Doubting hurts! It’s very painful most especially when it comes from someone close!

Now how do you think God feels when Christians who claim to know God and His ways as well as works still doubt Him when He promises to deliver??
Your guess is as good as mine.

One thing we should note is that
Wherever we doubt Him, He gets hurt and He challenges us!

Many times we make external factors come between God’s word and our faith in it. Just like Peter when Jesus bid him to come to Him on the water, he actually got the courage to take the step but when he saw the wind he lost focus because he made that external factor look bigger than the one calling unto him.

He just missed the point there.
I could sense the high emotions of disappointment in Jesus’ speech
“You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?”
I’m sure Peter thought to himself.”why didn’t I even put on my life jacket?!

So Jesus challenged him to let him know that He is bigger than the wind by causing Peter to sink, when that happened he was then convinced that Jesus was capable and called out to Him to save him this time without doubt!

But the bad news is whenever we do this we give way for doubt to create fear in us and wherever fear is, there are limitations but our Maker created us without limitations, He said once we keep our eyes on Him without being disrupted by external factors all things are possible.

Focus on the solution(God) because no problem will ever exist that will be bigger or equal in size with our God!
Remain forever blessed🙏🙌

Biblical reference: Matthew 14:22-33

Image: Google images