Today’s fragrance: He reigns forever

Today’s fragrance by Papberry

Topic: He reigns forever.

Main Text: Lamentations 5:19

You, Lord, reign forever; your throne endures from generation to generation.

If you are looking for something permanent, look no further because what you need is closer than you think.

I want to present to you, the King of all kings, Ruler of all rulers and the Leader of all leaders.

One who can boast in all his infinite possessions but never does.

Just one ruby on his robe is much more than the wealth of the richest men combined yet He is the perfect epitome of humility.

He is more than you could ever need for He is the true definition of abundance.
We don’t deserve His love but He does offer it to everyone. The churched and unchurched, saved and unsaved.

He is a King Who fights with no one nor competes with anyone over His throne.
That throne Has His name on it and it is permanent.

He has everything yet entered into this world through a human and was delivered in a manger not a mansion.

He is the only one capable of binging the dead to life and delivering life to the dead.

He loves the world and I love His word because His word became flesh and in that flesh He demonstrated His love to the world.

I could try to explain Him but I can’t for the day I will be able to, He will cease to be Jesus and I, human but that’s impossible. I am human but He is divine, I am limited but He, unlimited.

I can’t even begin to describe Him but He is wonderful and powerful and so strong and beautiful like the wind, but unseen meaning I can never get His full description.

So today I want to urge you not to run around following religious leaders who died and remained dead.

Presidents who had their turns in office but got dethroned after a period. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the one who makes and unmakes. He is all in one and He reigns forever.

Ever since He mounted that throne no one has been able to dethrone, overthrow or cast ballot on Him ’cause He is king by no human effort and is unopposed.

He stands at the narrow path with a key to the gate and you only have to reach out and embrace His grace, you don’t have to wait anymore…

He loves you and me even more than Himself.



Father in the name of Jesus, thank you for today, please forgive my sins as I forgive those who do wrong against me. Lord thank you for loving me this much. Please lead me to that place in you where I can find rest eternally in Jesus name, amen.

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Testimony Thursday


Hello dear one, how are you faring today?

Its thankful/Testimony Thursday and today I’m super excited ‘cause I am bringing you a power testimony of a brother so just continue reading till the last dot having in mind that someone’s testimony can be the keys to the prison someone else is locked in. If you want to be a part of this kindly contact me via and lets share that testimony to affect lives in a positive way.


Let’s get going now…

So in this interview, present are two characters Papberry (PB) and my Guest (King). Will be using the names in brackets through this interview.

PB: Welcome my dear, my name is Adjoa Benewaa Ocran, the author of Papberry message of course I’m not alone in this cos I’ve always got HS giving me the inspirations. Can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?

Guest: Thank you sister, my name is Kingsley Nyamaah, but my name on facebook is Kingsley Jesus Own. I am a Ghanaian and a footballer by profession, playing for a Turkish club and today I am going to share with you my biggest testimony of how I got saved by Jesus.

PB: Okay, God bless you for being willing to share. Please can you tell us a little about how you grew up?

King: I grew up with my mum alone because my Dad relocated to the states when I was 2 months old, and unfortunately I lost my mum at age 11 and had to move in with an unbeliever uncle. Till now I have not set my eyes on my dad even though we chat at times, I have never really enjoyed the companionship of my parents.

PB: Can you tell us what happened when you moved in with your unbeliever uncle?

King: when I was 13 years I was initiated by an anti-Christ into Sikhism (a religion which believes in God but not Jesus Christ and His teachings, they believe in the teachings of their masters, it is a combination of Hindu and Islam).

When one is initiated, he is given 5 words (Simran) these words are meditated on in prayers and by these words they are able to travel the Spiritual world.

PB: Quickly can you tell us about how you got saved or got out of this?

King: Last 3 years i couldn’t sleep at night for about 4 months, evil spirits would torment me anytime i closed my eyes. I couldn’t sleep in my room and so I moved in with a friend yet the evil spirit never stopped. I am the only one to feel her presence whenever she was around.

A friend gave me a bible but I didn’t know how to use it or how to pray at that time but i still said a thing to God and ask Him to speak to me through his Word.

I opened the bible randomly and what i saw was I AM WITH YOU, WHEREVER YOU ARE AND I WILL PROTECT YOU… (GEN 28:15)

I knew that was God ‘cause i had already packed my things and i was relocating, after God spoke to me i stayed and decided to pray always at night. As I said I didn’t know how to pray so i use to sleep with my bible on my chest but I still suffered for 4 months until i saw my soul leave my body. That day i saw that I was dead ‘cause i left the body. And I saw 3 demons coming to take me, Then i heard a voice that told them i was His, Immediately they retreated and i was taken to a place. I saw angels and i asked one angel that i wanted to see Jesus ‘cause He saved me.

He directed me and i saw a Great and Powerful Light.

I don’t have words to describe but it was beautiful and as i walked towards Him I fell down on my knees, crying and thanking him for saving me. I couldn’t look at Him even though I wanted to, He was so bright.

That was the last time, after this encounter I was never tormented again, it’s been 3 years now and I’m still free by the grace of God. I was in this Fake religion for 10 years. 13-23 years.

PB: wow! Glory to God! Can you let us know how you managed to survive as a baby in Christ till now?

King: My sister it’s  just by the grace of God, it wasn’t easy because I was alone, I had no friends ‘cause all I had were Sikhs and it wasn’t easy but Jesus was with me and teaching me a lot through the word and by the power of the Holy spirit.

PB: can you tell us about the challenges you faced?

King: The few friends I had left also thought I was going crazy and they wanted to send to the psychiatric hospital because I was seeing things and I used to tell them and those things were happening. It got to a time a friend was trying to convince me to stop praying in the name of Jesus and use the words I was given during my initiation, but I was able to stand these tests because Christ equipped me and sent someone my way who helped me through prayers, studying of the bible and fasting. I believed and I still believe because I had a personal encounter with Jesus and He showed me He was real.

PB: God bless you my dear for sharing with us, anything you would want to say before we end

King: we should all be watchful there are lots of doctrines circulating which are false and if you don’t take care you will be deceived. Remember this,  6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6 (NIV)

No one can get to God except through Jesus Christ, He can never be taken out of the equation so please be warned. God bless you all.

PB: Thank you all for making time to read this, till we meet again, stay blessed.


There is just One route.


Just imagine there were many routes that led to your house, but now due to rural urban migration even gutters are being sealed for structures to be raised and gradually only one route has been singled out.

Maybe there was one that was shorter and easier to use but it has been blocked by structures and so now everyone must go through a single route whether they are comfortable with that or not. You might try being stubborn or should I rather say smart to find other means like jumping peoples fences so you can get to your end faster but we all know the risks involved.

My point exactly is that…

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. John 14:6 (NIV)

Jesus is that one way that leads to your home, all other means are illegal and will get you into trouble.

We are all but strangers here on this land, there is a place called home we desire to get to. Our permanent residence. Fortunately or unfortunately you get to decide where you wanna go cos there are two places actually, one is likened to light and the other darkness.

There are two buses taking us on a journey, both with drivers and one leads to the destination of life, the other, death.

Only one driver is authentic, the other a fake just deceiving members on board to get them to his desired destination, destruction.

As passengers concerned about safety we desire a driver with positive traits and one who actually knows the route to this permanent home. The only One who knows the route is the One in the driver’s seat of the authentic bus, He is the only One who has travelled that route. If you stay in that bus you are assured of a safe arrival at the right destination.

Has anyone of who had an encounter with a bus driver that you vowed never to be onboard a bus he drives? Some even stop the drivers and alight before getting to the right destination for fear of losing their lives due to the recklessness of some drivers.

My dear friend if you are in such a bus, you don’t have to wait till you suffer an accident before, I urge you to get off now because it will only lead you to your untimely death.

Before one can get on any bus, a fare must be paid, and you have enough confidence in the one driving to entrust into his hands your life. If these requirements are met, I believe then you can get on the bus if not then you must find your own route which we all know is a dangerous job.

And so I take this opportunity to introduce to you the driver of the authentic bus, who knows the way to where we rightfully belong, and is Himself the Way, the only authentic and legal route that leads to our Father’s dwelling place, HEAVEN, His name is JESUS and He says all you who will believe in My name, will be saved a seat in my bus and consequently get you home safely.

If you are reading this post and do not know this Man but wish to know more about Him, then you would have to accept Him, as your Lord and personal savior so say this prayer after me.

Lord, Jesus, today I accept that I am a sinner and that it’s for my sins that you died, and for my redemption you raised from the dead and so I take you as my Lord and personal Savior, come into my heart and teach me the right way for I want to walk with you forever and so help me God, in Jesus name amen.

If you have said this prayer believe that you have been saved the bibles says for it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10:10 (NIV)

God bless you. For further information reach me via mail,