Change happens

Hi wonderful people on here, I trust you are all doing great by the grace of God.
Well, I started this blogging journey to make Jesus popular, most especially to the youth by sharing godly posts in the form of devotions, motivations, poetry and spoken word poetry.

I carried this vision all alone but it gets to a time that you know that what you carry is larger and will need to expand to reach lots of people, which also means you need lots of hands onboard.

My friends and family here on WordPress will notice that for a while I haven’t been on their respective blogs much. I’m sorry for that but as we say, sometimes life just happens.

But the Goodnews is that is now

My team and I will be actively using that space from June 1st 2017.

TheGospelPaps is a broader version of Papberry.

And it is your No. 1 Domain for everything gospel!

Devotions, motivations, thought-provoking articles, apologetics, powerful quotes, poetry, spoken word poetry and many many more!

Now click here to join us explore God’s word through various creative means.

God bless you all.