Today’s fragrance : Let peace rule 

Scripture: Colossians 3:15
“And let the peace that comes from Christ rule in your hearts. For as members of one body you are called to live in peace. And always be thankful.”

In the above scripture the Apostle Paul calls believers to live in peace. We receive this peace from God through Christ Jesus. This peace should rule in our heart, meaning it should be in charge of how we live. 

Believers are not called to live in violence or brawls among each other, but in peace. 

This text discusses the need for Christians to tolerate, love, and support each other. Christians are all part of a spiritual “body,” which is the church with Christ as the head. 
Therefore peace within the body requires peace between its parts. 

The truth is every group of believers will experience internal conflict at times, but seeking peace will help us resolve issues in the context of Christian love. 

we must deliberately allow that peace which has been given us have effect in our lives.

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. 

Remember that the peace that Christ gives guides us in all decisions we make.

Finally let’s have an attitude of gratitude towards our Maker always.



Father Lord, thank you for my life, thank you for the peace you’ve given me, help me spread it to anyone I encounter in Jesus name, amen.

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Today’s fragrance:Be at peace will all.

Today’s fragrance by Papberry 

Topic: live at peace with all

Scripture: Romans 12:18

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone”.

Peace is a state or condition of the heart not an attitude. It is a state of stillness and serenity, of freedom from disquieting, agitating, anxious thoughts and a condition of harmony in relationships.” 

From the above scripture, peace is a verb denoting, joining together again that which has been separated.

When things (or people) are disjointed, there is lack of harmony and absence of an inner sense of well-being. When things (or people) are joined together, there is a freedom from inner turmoil.
The bible tells us to live at peace with everyone because not doing that causes more damage even if you ain’t the reason behind the chaos.
To remove unnecessary data that drains your spirit and soul and makes your heart heavy, try your possible best to live in peace with everyone.

But there is a problem…

When it comes to apologizing for things you didn’t cause just to ensure there is harmony between two parties one must become a “fool” because two “wise” people can’t move together.

A lot of us try to do this but do not find enough courage for it and because we see no reason to settle issues with another when we didn’t start the fire so we prefer being at loggerheads.

But that’s draining!! It might not be physically but deep within you, there is discomfort.

Well, you haven’t been able to because peace is only possible through Christ, so in effect, you cannot be at peace with men if you are not with God.

Seek Him now and let Him put His peace in your heart.



1.Thank God for your life.

2.Ask for forgiveness of sin.

3.Ask God to put His peace in your heart so that you will be able to give it out.

4.Thank God for an answered prayer in Jesus name,amen. 


Thoughtful Tuesday

Hello dearies, how is the week going?

It’s a Thoughtful Tuesday and I’m glad because I get to share a quote with you.

Here we go…

“Don’t let people pull you into their storm, pull them into your peace”.

Have you realized that most often when you have friends or are around people who are negative minded, you end up becoming like them? ‘Cause all you hear, discus, think, plan is negative so gradually you become infected with the virus too.

It’s the same with being around people who are hurting and constantly feeding on their expired past!

If care is not taken, you trying to be a good friend, would be dragged into the situation as if it’s yours.

I wonder why humans are attracted more to negatives than positives, maybe because it’s easy to stay negative, or because of this basic instinct of sin in us our first option is always geared towards that…
My point exactly is that if the people you hang out with are always sad, you will be sad too and before you realize that sadness has taken over your life and you won’t even remember how to smile. This disease is a contagious one!

This is the reason why we are always advised to hang out with people who brings out the best in us and not the worst by constantly reminding us of our pasts by what they portray or keep saying.

Someone would say, I cannot watch my friends or family go through pains or difficult situations alone. What then must I do ?
Ofcourse you cannot do that but you cannot also afford to be pulled into the storm, you might get lost in it.

What you can do is to pull them rather into your peace.
It might be that you and that friend of yours are going through the same situation but your composure and way of handling it is totally different from hers because you’ve got the Jesus factor and that enables you to walk peacefully even in the storm.

I hope you are aware that Holy Spirit filled believers have got a well of peace situated in them, and it springs inside of them and overflows into whatever external situation on going and consequently calming all storms.

So from today make a conscious effort to let people get caught up in your web of peace rather than being pulled and getting lost in their storm.

Dear Ghanaian believer of our lord Jesus Christ , be an example of Christ in this season where GHANA is going to the polls, let people be caught up in the peace of God by being an epitome of peace wherever you find yourself…

People are always watching so be alert and conscious of your speech and actions.