Usable Vessels Part 1


The spirit of the Lord has laid it on my heart to write on this topic and because it is broad ,we (The Holy Spirit and I) will be treating it in 4 parts and posted on different days…

What kind of vessels would God use and what will be the criteria for selection?

Now as children of God, we are vessels,(containers) that God requires to fill with His Spirit in order to operate on this earth. This is because it is only humans who have the legal right to exist in this realm, why? simply because God is a Spirit Being and He created this place for physical(human beings).Genesis 1:26-30

So today we will treat a clean vessel as one of the criterion for selection.

I quite remember that since childhood I did not enjoy eating with others from the same bowl because of hygienic conditions and also because I was selective.😷
As I grew up, this habit never left me to the extent of not even wanting to eat together with my own mum in the same bowl.

One thing is whenever I am home after food is ready, I am like the last person to eat in the house and that is even after my mum grows weary from repeating my name with the words “Maa…the food is getting cold!, why do you like dead food like that?” I sluggishly drag my feet to the kitchen to satisfy her…
Be patient I’m getting there😊
My mum sometimes likes to serve my food in the plate she ate in to save me from the pain of having to wash so many dishes.

But in as much as i did not delight in washing dishes, I also hated the idea of going to eat in the plate someone else had eaten in, this situation is quite serious because it is my biological mum we talking about here.🙈
And I am very sure none of my precious readers here will go for an unclean bowl for the purpose of going to eat in it whiles there are clean bowls around.
Sometimes even though our bowls are already clean we still rinse with clean water!
Even as humans we desire best things for our bodies…

Now let’s skip to 2 Timothy 2:21
Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.

God is walking around the kitchen searching for a clean and suitable plate to serve His guests…
Now I want you to put yourselves in the shoes of God as I ask this question.
Would you choose a dirty bowl that will bring dishonor to your name or go for a special one that has been cleaned and kept outside the reach of dust? (2chronicles 16:9)

There is the need to make conscious efforts to be clean and remain as such so that when the time the Master requires us for honorable purposes comes, we won’t be passed on just because we are dirty!

Food For Thought
Whatever it is you are involved in, remember that if it is dishonorable, God would not use you for any honorable purpose, you will remain a commoner only good for the kitchen sink and nowhere else.

Father thank you for Your word.I surrender myself to you to be cleansed in other to be used for honorable purposes.
Help me stay clean at all times so as to get selected any time you require a vessel for use. Amen

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